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Stache - 4 Piece Grynder

Stache - 4 Piece Grynder

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The Stache Grynder is made to be the last metal herb grinder you will ever need. The Grynder is rich with innovative changes made with the average consumer in mind. Dry herbs today tend to be richer in terpenes and denser in structure, much different from a century ago when the first herb grinders were popularized. Old designs cause friction and buildup of various plant materials, leading to a loss in quality of the dry herb before it can be consumed. The Stache Grynder is designed to mitigate all of these issues with its innovative design that features:

  • Micro rounded-teeth
  • Beveled Edges
  • Anodized Aluminum Make
  • Pollen Shovel and Brush

*Description Copied from Stache Website*

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