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Rokin Bar Concealable Variable Voltage 510 Threaded

Rokin Bar Concealable Variable Voltage 510 Threaded

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The Rokin Bar is the latest addition to the Rokin line of oil vaporizer batteries! Now you can conceal your cartridges completely inside your vape and enjoy total protection of your 510 threaded cartridge. The bottom easily pops off with its magnetic connections and your vape screws in like normal. Then just reconnect the bottom with your cartridge and the battery automatically turns on, so you can vape immediately without messing with any buttons.

The Bar can fit most 2 gram oil cartridges (65mm max height) and wider oil cartridges up to 14mm wide. The Bar features a powerful 600 mAh lithium ion battery, 4 variable voltage settings, preheat function, and button or auto draw activation.

The Rokin Bar also features our latest Powerwave™ Technology which cycles the voltage by 0.5V automatically to allow a more smooth vaping experience.

Want a new color selection?!? Well the Rokin Bar is available now in new cool catchy patterns. But, if you’re looking for that discreet vape we still offer the Bar in our popular black color.

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