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Pulsar Oodles Of Donuts Dab Rig

Pulsar Oodles Of Donuts Dab Rig

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Treat yourself to the perfect combination of flavor, smoothness, and style with the Pulsar Oodles Of Donuts Dab Rig! Made from quality borosilicate glass, this dab rig has a flared bell chamber with a dough-colored rim around the base. The stemless joint connection funnels vapor into the triple stack perforated donut percolator for enjoyable water filtration as you inhale. A large donut diffuser centerpiece is built into the neck, condensing vapors for a potent rip every time! Each dab rig includes a 14mm male quartz banger. Multiple frosting "flavors" are available.


  • Borosilicate glass dab rig
  • Flared bell chamber
  • Stacked donut percolator
  • Donut diffuser centerpiece
  • Includes a quartz banger
Dab Rig 7.75 inches (19.68cm) tall
Banger Bucket 25mm outer diameter
21mm inner diameter
35mm height
31mm depth
2mm wall thickness
Banger Joint 14mm male
90 degree angle
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