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Pulsar Mini Metal Rolling Tray & Lid | Chill Cat

Pulsar Mini Metal Rolling Tray & Lid | Chill Cat

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The Chill Cat artwork depicts a cool cat ready to get, like, out of this world high. The character is surrounded by bold floral patterns in pastel coloring. Artwork is created by artist Julian Akbar.

Now available in a new mini size, this Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray is made with lightweight metal and smooth, rolled edges to contain tools and materials. The colorfast art won't fade or chip, and the matching Rolling Tray Lid magnetically attaches for safekeeping when not in use. Sold individually or as a matching set!


  • Metal rolling tray
  • Rolling tray lid with matching design
  • Mini size measures 7 inches by 5.5 inches (17.78cm x 13.97cm)
  • Tray has rolled edges & raised sides
  • Lid attaches magnetically
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