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Movez Wireless Speaker Vape

Movez Wireless Speaker Vape

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The Ooze Movez speaker vaporizer is a fun, novelty device that is perfect for parties, bike rides, camping, and any other situation that is improved with music and a puff from a vape! This 510 thread device is compatible with tons of different pre-filled oil cartridges. It makes a great weed pen, and can also be used for CBD carts, delta-8, or with an atomizer attachment for concentrates. Screw the magnet onto the bottom of the cart and drop it into the device chamber.

The Movez uses LED lights around the center button to communicate with the user. Press the button for 1 second, and 3 rising tones will play to indicate that it’s turned on. When the cartridge is inserted into the chamber, the Movez will flash a blue light and play a rising and falling tone if the connection is made. If there is a connectivity error with the cartridge, the device will flash red, blue and green 4 times. Simply lift the cart and try connecting again. The Movez will cycle a rainbow light when the speaker is playing music, and while taking a pull from the vape. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the falling tones play to turn it off.

This speaker automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity. This conserves battery power, requiring a charge less often. The vape function can be used at any time and the speaker does not have to be on. Simply inhale to take a puff at any time.

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