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Cookies Glass Toke Deck w/ Grinder

Cookies Glass Toke Deck w/ Grinder

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Cookies Glass Toke Deck Handpipe is the latest piece of functional art aka a slick smoking pipe that has dual functionality from the ingenious minds at Cookies.

The Glass Cookies Toke Deck takes the idea of functional art to the next level; not only does it serve a useful purpose in allowing you to consume your smoking material whilst also having impressive aesthetic properties, the inclusion of the metal wheels makes it a functional mini-skate board toy as well.

This skateboard-style pipe is made from high-end borosilicate glass, which has been selected for its durable

The Glass Cookies Toke Deck is a hand pipe which is one of the oldest styles of smoking methods, which dates back millennia as one of the original smoking apparatus. The Toke Deck has been uplifted into modern times with this sleek skateboard design. Hand pipes are the smallest and most portable from the Cookies glass range, making them perfect for smoking whilst on the move.

Cookies Glass is the most recent derivative sub-brand of the legendary Cannabis brand Cookies SFCookies is the brainchild of the Cannabis industry mogul & best-selling rapper Berner. Berner launched Cookies in the vibrant & culturally alive city of San Francisco; the brand has lept from pillar to post and dominates in every avenue from Cannabis genetics to streetwear fashion, to flower and extracts to the high-quality cookie glass range you see before you today.

The Cookies Glass Toke Deck Hand Pipe comes with a Santa Cruz Shredder Cookies 2-Piece Hemp Grinder in the ever-classic & instantly-recongisable iconic Cookies Blue colourway and is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass

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